80s disney shows

There she comes. First a bright patch of colour, like a tropic bird among the boughs; then a tripping figure, with a round hat on, and a small basket under her arm; then a deep- blushing, almost frightened, but bright-smiling girl, making her curtsy with a fluttered yet happy glance, 80s disney shows Arthur came up to her. If Arthur had had time to think at 80s disney shows, he would have thought it strange that he should feel fluttered too, be conscious of blushing too-in fact, look and feel as foolish as if he had been taken by surprise instead of meeting just what he expected. Poor things. It was a pity they were not in that golden age of childhood when they would have stood face to face, eyeing each other with timid liking, then given each other a little butterfly kiss, and toddled off to play together. Arthur would have gone home to his 80s disney shows cot, and Hetty to her home-spun pillow, and both would have slept without dreams, and tomorrow would have been a life hardly conscious of a yesterday. Arthur turned round and walked by Hettys side without giving a reason. They were alone together for the first time.
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